We enable individuals and teams to grow their capability

    to innovate and address complex problems

  • What We Do

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    Spirit Labs

    Immersive, indigenous inspired nature-based experience to create new solutions to complex problems.

    You will gain:

    • New solutions and approaches to engage in challenges that you are passionate about addressing

    • A toolkit that accelerates innovation, understanding of systems, and unconventional ways to problem solve.

    • Leadership abilities such as heightened self-awareness, resilience, creativity, adaptability, personal healing

    • A community which will provide support, inspiration, collaboration, opportunities

    Click here to read more about our Tīkapa Moana / Hauraki Gulf Oceans Lab

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    Enabling emerging leaders to be more effective change-makers through personal transformation and community cultivation

    You will gain:

    • Personal leadership capabilities such as heightened self awareness, resilience, creativity and personal healing.

    • Systems innovation tools and methods to apply to your existing work or to a new project / venture to deepen it's impact and grow your capability as an innovator

    • A lifelong community of fellow changemakers and a wider network to support you in your endeavours

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    Capability Building

    Tailored trainings for the needs of your organisation focused on building individual capability & deep performing teams

    You will gain:

    • New solutions and approaches to tackle to challenges that your team or organisation are working on

    • Improved team performance through heightened collective awareness, resilience, creativity, adaptability, healing

    • Improved innovation capability including skills in systems thinking and design thinking

    • Greater energy, motivation and productivity of team members through energising, nature based off-sites

  • Our approach

    Bringing depth, awareness and healing to creating change

    Our philosophy

    Emerge Institute was created by a team of people who in their experience in innovation and saw the imperative of integrating inner work into the process of problem solving. Einstein has said "the same thinking that was used to create a problem cannot be used to a fix it." Otto Scharmar of Presencing Institute has said "the effectiveness of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor." We believe the problems we see in the world are a reflection of the inner state of ourselves, our teams and our organisations. Therefore, our ability to solve our world's pressing challenges depends on our own inner state, how aware we are of ourselves and mindsets, our ability to manage ourselves and emotions, our own healing.


    We believe that we do not need to force or push solutions or change, rather transform ourselves and create the conditions in the individual and team, for wisdom, inspiration and innovative ideas to emerge from within us. To this end, central to our process is the personal transformation of the individual and team.


    Integrating 'inner work' and 'outer work'

    We enable individuals and team to be more effective at addressing our world's greatest challenges through an integration of inner work and outer work. Through the inner work individuals and teams become more aware, resilient, adaptable, healed and connected. This is integrated with outer work which provides capability building in systems thinking, design thinking and other tools and methods in driving innovation and change. We draw from diverse approaches to problem solving including indigenous, Eastern and Western perspectives as well as working in and with Nature.

    Learn More

    The Emerge Iceberg Model - a decolonial systems thinking approach for healing, restoration and creating lasting change

    Innovating a new world from a new place  - moving beyong separation, scarcity and security outside of ourselves to innovate and bring forth a new world

    Deep Performing Teams  - shifting from "high performing" to "deep performing" teams that can support collective transformation, foster continuous learning and bring to life new regenerative futures


  • Shifting from Separation to Connectedness

    We think Charles Eisenstein summarises that change that we need and are working toward, beautifully in this video