• Our Vision and Mission

  • Vision

    Our vision is a world where humanity lives in harmony with the rest of Nature.


    We envision a future where we realise that we are not separate from each other, or from Nature but deeply interconnected with all of life. We envision a future where we discard our beliefs of scarcity or "not enoughness" and embrace abundance and acceptance of who we are, no longer needing to "win", for our organisation to be biggest or for our view to prevail. A world where we truly cooperate, collaborate and come together in unity to create a prosperous future for all. We envision a world where we no longer seek security outside of ourselves, through consumption and running to acquire more and more for us, but realise contentment arises from within.


    According to the World Wildlife Fund 50% more resources than our planet can regenerate to meet our current consumption needs and according the World Health Organisation one person every 40 seconds dies from suicide. We believe these deeper wounds of separation, scarcity and finding security outside ourselves are at the root of our present day challenges as seen in the climate and mental health crisis. We envision healing these in ourselves, our orgaisations and our society at large.



    Our mission is to transform individuals and teams to effectively address our world's greatest challenges.


    Our ability to navigate change and tackle these complex challenges is directly linked to our own inner state of being - our awareness, resilience, adaptability and healing. The effectiveness of the innovation depends on the interior condition of the innovator, to paraphrase Otto Scharmar and it is imperative we examine our interior condition. The world and it's issues are a reflection our inner state with its turmoil and conflict. Our work is deeply systemic and we believe as we individually and collectively transform our inner state, we can transform the world around us. Through taking individuals and teams on the journey, we allow wisdom, clarity and innovative ideas to emerge that create a new system.

    Building on the work of others​

    Our team created Emerge Institute from the vast experience we have had working on social and environmental issues, entrepreneurship as well as leadership development and self transformation. We wish to acknowledge those who have shaped and inspired our thinking including: Thomas Hübl, Otto Scharmar and Presencing Institute, Zaid Hassan, Donella Meadows, Daniela Papi-Thornton, Jiddu Krishnamurthi, the wisdom of Mātauranga Māori among many other schools and teachers. We also wish to acknowledge the team that ran Lifehack in New Zealand who have shared many learnings with us.

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