• Our planet is facing a climate crisis

    We must show bold leadership and action in the next 10 years

  • Climate Lab (postponed)

    In the face of a climate crisis, how do we respond effectively?

    What does meaningful leadership and action look like across sectors?


    Alongside cross-sectoral leaders, grow your capability to be a system leader:

    self aware, resilient, adaptable, collaborating across sectors, and boldly walking

    hand in hand with Nature to redesign the systems and society we live in


    Note: In light of the situation with COVID-19, we have decided to postpone the Climate Lab,

    you may still express interest below to stay informed when we have more information.

  • We need a deeper approach to climate action

    Reflections from participants of our previous Lab

    "It seems increasingly evident that we won’t solve the world’s problems with the same thinking that got us into them. A deeper, more radical transformation is needed. Taking the time on inner work like this will be vital for that to take place."

    Read the full article here.

    Andy Kenworthy, Sustainable Business Network


    "This program is innovative and intentional, focused on developing personal and community growth to innovate and work better together and take on some of the biggest environmental challenges."

    Dr Rebecca Jarvis, Lecturer AUT

    Reflections from our team

    "Ego-centric leadership is at the root of our environmental crisis. We must change the way we understand and relate to the natural world and cultivate an eco-centric mindset, very much found in our indigenous and ancient cultures, if we are to achieve lasting impact."

    Read the full article here on the World Economic Forum website. 

  • Dates to be confirmed

    Objectives of the Climate Lab

    • Equip you with tools to navigate climate grief, trauma, anxiety and support your organisation to be resilient and empowered in the face of climate change
    • Enable you to address/approach the problems you are working on in a radically different, more systemic, connected and empowered way - working with Papatūānuku (Mother Earth)
    • Further your own personal journey of climate healing and self transformation to enable you to be a more adaptable, resilient, creative and dynamic leader
    • Develop your capability to see, sense and shift the complex systems that affect the Earth and economy including building meaningful partnerships and collaborations to lead cross-sector and multi-stakeholder efforts
    • Grow and deepen your network of leaders committed to bold systemic change and climate healing

    Is this for you?

    • Are you a senior leader or young leader in an organisation? (including corporate, government, youth organisation, NGO, education institution)

    • Do you have the desire to heal and grow your own capacity as a leader driving systemic change?
    • Are you committed to use your organisation and circle of influence to lead effective climate action?
    • Are you up for collaboration and coordinated action with others?