• Based on decades of innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership training and personal coaching experience

    the Emerge Institute offers programmes that enable you to be more self-aware, resilient, creative and effective in executing innovative ideas and leading organisations to drive positive systemic impact.

  • What we do

    Spirit Labs

    A spirited approach to innovation

    Immersive, indigenous inspired, nature based innovation lab to help you be a more effective innovator and create or scale solutions around a specific challenge. You can read more about our recent Tīkapa Moana / Hauraki Gulf Oceans Lab here.




    Collective Changemaking

    Our fellowships bring together emerging leaders and support them in being more effective change-makers. We support the personal transformation of fellows and build community for inspiration, peer learning and greater collective impact.


    Capability Building

    Connected inside, capable outisde

    Our capability building programmes are tailored to the needs of organisations and develop individual leaders and deep performing teams that are more effective in leading themselves, managing change and driving forward innovation.



  • Testimonials from our recent Oceans Lab

    Take a watch and enjoy!

    What if the Nature was an equal stakeholder in your environmental innovations? What if you innovated from a place of deep interconnectedness with Nature, others and self, rather than one of separateness? What might happen?

    Our recent Oceans Lab took 21 environmental innovators - from business, policy, academia and community sectors through a process to explore new new ways of innovating solutions to affect challenges faced by the Hauraki Gulf, in Auckland New Zealand. Read more about the Oceans Lab here.

  • "If you have worked with Louise Marra then you will know that it is no ordinary leadership development experience. It is an experience of awakening"

    Sina Wendt Moore, CEO Leadership NZ

    “A large part of Shruthi’s distinctive contribution lies in her ability to bring together great analytical and technical skills along with a strong sense of empathy to coach and support social entrepreneurs as individuals with hopes, fears, strengths and insecurities.”

    Julian Cottee, Former Associate Director, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at University of Oxford

    "Vinny and his team are exceptional at utilising technology to address complex social problems, but doing so with deep awareness, empathy and principles, leading to significant education outcomes for communities in India" ​

    Dr. A Duraiappa, Director UNESCO India

    "Tui is highly effective in both leading from the front and being an influential part of a team. Tui’s empathy, commitment to a better world and constructive approach - matched with her intellect, competence and tenacity - suit her to complex projects and guarantee quality outcomes.”

    Sue McCabe, CEO Philanthropy NZ

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